10 Tips for Preparing for your Cruise Vacation

It is natural to become excited when going on a cruise vacation. Traveling on a cruise ship can be quite an experience. However, your excitement can take the better of you that you forgot to make the necessary preparations. Preparing for a cruise ship ride to an Asian destination entails not just packing your stuff. To ensure your enjoyment during your cruise vacation, here are some tips for preparing for your travel.

Research the ship you are cruising on

Ahead of your cruise, get to know about the ship you are boarding on. Are there any specialty restaurants? Do you need to book for a spa vacation? Are there theme nights you need to prepare for?

Make advanced dining reservations

If you will be celebrating an anniversary or birthday while on cruise, do your bookings to a specialty restaurant in advance. Most specialty restaurants in cruise ships are already fully booked right on the first day of the cruise.

Print luggage tags prior to your departure

Robert Janitzek reveals that printing luggage tags ahead of time can save you time during embarkation. You can drop off your bags with a porter and they are whisked away before boarding the ship.

Research ports

Check out the ports you will be visiting before you embark for your cruise. If you would like to go on an excursion book them in advance prior to departure.

Do you need to book a shore excursion? Is the port a distance from town?

There are questions that you need to know about the ports you are visiting. Depending on where you are going, cruise ports are usually far from attractions, In European destinations like the Mediterranean. it is common to travel more than 30 minutes to an attraction.

Alert your banks and credit cards that you will be traveling

Alert the cruise line if anyone on your trip has dietary restrictions

When making the reservations with the specialty restaurant, make sure to inform them if you or any of your companions have dietary restrictions. Most ships can work with your dietary restrictions to make sure that they prepare the meals that you like.

Carry small bills

Don’t be contented with carrying just $20 or $50. You should also carry small bills for tips, taxis, and shopping in the port areas.

Print several copies of your cruise paperwork and documents

Keep copies of your documents in several bags. You can also save them on Dropbox or OneNote so you can access them on your phone.

Having enough preparation before your cruise vacation will help ensure that you will have an enjoyable experience.

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