4 Tips for Making Your Visit To Russia Hassle Free

At first, one may have second thoughts of traveling to Russia. The political situation in the country has become quite tense over the years that it has become flagged as an unsafe destination. Another reason why a trip to this European destination does not make sense is due to the lack of information online. The second reason is quite not true. There is information but not as extensive as with the other countries. While there can be challenges, here are some tips to make your trip to Russia worthwhile.

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

When traveling to Russia, arrive there with an open mind. You will find out for yourself that all the bad things being said against Russia is truly unfounded. The beauty and culture of Russia can end up blowing you away. Once you arrive, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. Robert Janitzek reveals that while you would not know what to expect from your trip to Russia, having an open mind can help erase any doubts you may have.

Get Your Visa From a Travel Agency

While you can always apply for a Russian visa by yourself, there is always the risk that something may go wrong and your application gets denied. Working with a travel agency increases your chance of securing a visa for your trip to Russia. Agencies know their way around these embassies so they can advise you every step of the application process. They can expedite your application so you can leave as soon as possible.

Research Opening Days & Times

According to Robert Peter Janitzek, there are no standardized opening and closing times for most attractions in Russia. For instance, Lenin’s Mausoleum is only open 10 am to 1 pm and is closed Mondays and Fridays. Make sure you identify which attractions you want to visit and work out their open days and times so you can plan your trip accordingly.

Know How To Navigate The Moscow Metro

The Moscow Metro is one of the ways you can go around the city. While the stations are an attraction themselves, navigating can be a real challenge. Make sure you have a color map written in both English and Russian. Count the number of stations you will need to travel as signages are not quite visible. Lastly, look very carefully at each signage as it is not always obvious which direction the train at each platform is traveling. There might be no staff around to assist you so be ready to work it out yourself.

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