5 Awesome Places To Go Camping In Europe

Looking for the perfect destination for your next camping trip? Considering Europe can be an excellent choice. Aside from the countries being close to one another, some European destinations provide a countryside setting. Camping can also help you save up on your hotel accommodation. So here are 5 destinations in Europe that you can consider for your next camping trip.

Son Bou Menorca Camping, Spain

This place offers “glamping” (short for glamorous camping). The campgrounds are located between a pine tree forest and an island. You have the option to put up tents or rent cabins. Amenities in Son BouMenora includes a playground, pool, and tennis court. It offers a bevy of activities that can keep you occupied during your stay such as hiking, biking, canoeing, surfing, and others.

Chateau de Monfreville, France

If you are looking for some old fashioned European destination to go camping, Chateau de Monfreville in France fits the billing. They do not have space for camper vans, caravans, or pets so get your tents ready. Chateau de Monfreville comes with a natural hot tub, swimming pond, and fire pits for those who want to build a campfire. However, the space is limited to only 25 tents a time.

Weichselbrunn Campgrounds, Bodenwohr. Germany

Weichselbrunn is rated as one of the best camping grounds in Europe. The site is located in a lakeside forest giving you a panoramic scenery. Activities you can indulge in include biking, fishing, swimming, and canoeing. This European destination have cabins and space for camper vans and caravans for those who are not up for sleeping in tents.

Valle Santa Maria Camping, Tuscany, Italy

How do you like camping beside the white beaches of Italy? Valle Santa Maria offers just that. Whether it’s an evening at the bar, swimming, soaking in the sun, biking, or hiking, your dream camping will be realized.

Half Island River Camp, Buna, Bosnia

Half Island River Camp is located in the untouched part of Europe. Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of this camp site because there are things that this European destination can offer to campers. You can set up or hire tents, go swimming, catch some fish, or simply relax under the trees.

So if you like camping away from your usual destination, Europe offers a bevy of options to choose from. Not only will you be able to save precious dollars but also appreciate the beauty of nature.

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