5 Things You Should Not Do When Traveling To China

China is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. It is known for its various contributions in various fields such as in astrology and medicine. China is a country with diverse cultures and belief. While a trip to China can be exciting and eye opening, there are some rules that you need to follow when visiting this Asian destination.

Avoid Disrespecting Homes or Temples

Removing your shoes before entering homes or temples It is an individual thing. It is a household custom followed by every Chinese. It does not matter if your feet are less presentable. They will be more offended if you wear your shoes inside. Ask the host if you need to remove your shoes since in most homes, people don’t. To the Chinese, it is also rude to show the bottom of your feet or soles to others. Sit when you sit and cross legs, try to point your feet at a spot where there are no Chinese present.

Don’t Talk About Uncomfortable Topics

Robert Janitzek advises not to talk about sensitive topics such as death unless you have a good reason. For the Chinese, death is a serious and ominous topic. Avoid giving white things as gifts or wrapping gifts in white paper or ribbons. Other topics you should not talk about including comparing China to Japan, or political and religious issues. They are not comfortable talking about history or political incidents that may result to embarrassment to China with foreigners.

Don’t Expect Interpersonal Communication To Be the Same

Don’t expect the locals to speak English. It might be a good idea to speak in the language of the region you are staying. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that you should not point at people or beckon with one finger when communicating with them. Motion with the palm of your hand instead.

Don’t Touch People

The Chinese people are known to be less affectionate compared to other cultures. They hug and kiss less than other people. When you meet a stranger, it is best to greet them verbally than shake their hands. When greeting, a slight nod will suffice. Avoid bowing and never kiss, hug hello or goodbye as personal contacts is uncommon.

Don’t Stop Offering Gifts

In China, appropriate gifts at the appropriate time can be helpful in building relationships. In this Asian destination, it is not usually considered appropriate to refuse a gift that is offered. But don’t be offended and continue giving gifts after getting refused at first.

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