5 Things To Do When Visiting Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the budding tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. The city is a great starting point if you want to visit Thailand. It is busy and full of life with a very Asian soul. Here are some of the things you can do when visiting this Asian destination.

Be Awed with Funky Architecture and Multiple Layers

When in Bangkok, one of the things you can do is admire its funky architecture. You cannot help but notice the modern skyscrapers side by side with historical buildings, traditional homes and temples. Tiny alleys connect you to the city’s most remote corners. Another interesting feature of the city is its multiple layers. The city is divided into three different levels with the sky train and the metro dominating the first level. At the ground level are the cars, buses, and other vehicles. There is also a separate level for pedestrians to walk on.

Visit the stunning temples

A trip to Bangkok will never be complete without visiting its various temples. These structures hold so much historical, cultural, and religious value. Robert Janitzek reveals that these temples are well maintained. You will not miss getting fascinated by their golden roofs and colorful green and blue mosaic walls. The reclining Buddha is one of the most popular attractions here. When visiting these temples, make sure that you are properly dressed.

Explore Bangkok’s Canals

After touring the temples, you can next board a long tail boat and explore the city’s canals. They are not far from where the temples are located. The boat tour passes the Wat Arun Temple and then enters a narrow canal to another temple and other areas where you can stop for some fish feeding. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the tour gives a glimpse of stunning attractions. The trip takes an hour and will not cost more than 100 Bahts per head.

Visit the Jim Thompson House

Jim Thompson is an American architect turned silk entrepreneur who did everything to rejuvenate silk production in Thailand. He fell in love with the country that he built his house there. It was fully built according to Thai traditions. He mysteriously disappeared during a visit to Malaysia in 1967. However, visiting the Jim Thompson House cannot be done alone. You need to sign up for a guided tour.

Visit The Flower Market

Pak Klong, the Flower Market, is open 24/7. In this Asian destination, you can buy flowers of various shapes as well as the traditional ones from roses to lotus. Most of the businesses there are family owned. The shop owners use ice to keep the flowers fresh against the heat of the city.

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