6 Dos & Don’ts When Visiting Thailand

Thailand is a country known for its exotic landscapes, delicious cuisine, and unique culture. It is endowed with natural beauty, wildlife, and rich in tradition. Thais are proud of their cultural heritage and take great care of their customs. When visiting this Asian destination, there are some “do’s and don’ts that you need to remember and respect. Here are some of them:

Do Respect The Royal Family

Thais have high respects for their royal family. In any restaurant or public business establishment, portraits of the royal family hang on their walls as a sign of respect and admiration. As a tourist, you are expected to show the same respect for their royal family. Thais will not appreciate any joke and disrespect for the royal family.

Don’t Trust People That Tell You National Monuments Are Closed Due To A “Buddhist Holiday”

Robert Janitzek advises that you should watch out for scam artists who will tell you that will tell you that the attraction you are visiting is closed due to a Buddhist holiday. This is absolutely false. Proceed to the monument or temple as you had planned. When asking for directions to a particular attraction, they will tell you that it is closed. They are after your money so don’t budge.

Do Learn To Say Hello & Thank You In Thai

Respect for culture means respect for the local vernacular. When visiting Bangkok or any city in particular, learn how to say hello and thank you in their language. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that the Thai language is not an easy language to learn so you are not expected to speak it. However, they will greatly appreciate your gesture. You can also do it as a sign of respect.

Don’t Expect Everyone To Speak English

Remember that you are the tourist in Thailand and not the other way around. For this reason, do not expect everyone that you meet to speak English especially in the remote cities and villages. Again, as much as possible try to speak their language. If you do find someone who can speak English, have someone translate in Thai and English.

Do Wear Appropriate Attire To Monuments & Temples

When visiting temples and monuments in this Asian destination, do wear the proper attire. Most Thais are Buddhists and they are conservative people. Always respect the dress code of religious monuments and temples in Thailand. Even if you do not share the same religious belief, just give them utmost respect.

Don’t Support The Red Light District

In any country, there are areas that tend to be dangerous and this also hold true in Thailand. In this country, there is a so-called Red Light District, which is one of the most dangerous especially for tourists. Do avoid these areas and avoid supporting their illegal activity.

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