7 Top Places To Go On An Adventure Holiday in Europe

For the thrill seekers and the adrenaline junkies, there are many destinations where they can indulge in the adrenaline rush and feed on their excitement. Europe boasts of several destinations where the adventure seekers can experience a whole new level of fun. Here are some European destinations you can go on an all-out adventure.

The Berchtesgaden Alps, Germany

This place is dubbed as a “hiker’s paradise in the Bavarian Alps.” Located in the German-Austrian border, Berchtesgaden consists of trails for all levels. For the not so adventurous or if your knees cannot handle the long hike, there are cable cars that will ferry you to the best viewpoints.


The whole of Iceland is loaded with adventure destinations that it is worth including in this list. Upon leaving Reyjkjavik, you will already be treated to various attractions such as bubbling hot springs, epic waterfalls, colossal glaciers, and volcanoes. Robert Janitzek reveals that Iceland is one of the best places where you can enjoy the Northern Lights. Explore the Jokulsarlon on a snowmobile or off-road vehicle.

Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken is home to two of Europe’s most popular adventure destinations: Jungfrau and Altesch Glacier, the biggest in the Alps. Hiking and climbing the snowy peaks provides you with a breathtaking view. However, you can take the less strenous option which is to ride the Jungfaubahn Train to easily access the mountains and glaciers. The best thing about Interlaken is that you can visit it all year round.

Tarifa, Spain

Tarifa is a sunny beach town on the Strait of Gibraltar. Aside from its golden beaches and dolphins, Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that Tarifa is a wind and kite surfing destination. If you are not up for the waves, you can head out to the rocky hills further inland.

Grossglockner Alpine Road, Austria

Named after the highest peak in Austria, Grossglockner Alpine Road provides adventurers with a panoramic view of Austria’s longest glacier, the Pasterze. If you are up for some adventure, rent a bicycle at the Visitors’ Center and descend to the glacier on foot.

Madeira, Portugal

If you are looking for some world class surfing, Madeira is an excellent alternative. Likewise, you can climb the Ariero, a rocky peak that will take you across eucalyptus-covered forests to a lunar landscape high above the cloud.

The Dolomites, Italy

The Dolomites combines amazing hiking, magical mountain villages, glaciers, lakes, and rich culture. During the summer, it is a haven for hikers and hang gliders because of the blooming wildflowers. In the winter, it is a ski and snowboard destination.

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