Best Asian Destination For Hot Air Balloon Flights

Flying in a hot air balloon gives you an opportunity to experience the air up there. It also gives you a spectacular view of your surroundings. A flight on a hot air balloon is something that you should experience once in your lifetime. There are Asian destinations that let you take off to the ultimate flying experience.

Inle Lake, Myanmar

While swimming the vast 220 square-kilometer Inle Lake is a totally daunting task. Admiring its beauty from a hot air balloon is not. Up in the sky, you can admire the region’s rolling sceneries consisting of lakes, mountains, marshes, and stilt-house villages. Complete your experience with a lake cruise and ub shoulders with the locals.

Dambulla, Sri Lanka

A view of Sei Lanka’s Cultural Triangle which showcases the majestic Sinhalese ruins is a truly unforgettable experience. You also get to see an aerial view of the rivers and ancient temples.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Robert Janitzek reveals that nothing can top the experience of viewing sprawling landscapes from the skies. Recognized as one of the most popular destinations for hot air balloon flights, one would surely not want to miss the sun rise above the surreal landscape of Cappadocia. The view also gives you an opportunity to appreciate its fairy chimneys and moonscape dotted with villages, orchards, and vineyards.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Not only is Chiang Mai the cultural and artistic hub of Thailand, it is also the perfect setting for your first hot air balloon experience. Flying at a height of nearly 2,000 feet, Robert Peter Janitzek explains that you get a view of wildlife roaming the valleys and hills as well as small villages.

Kathmandu, Nepal

The Himalayas alone is already an exhilarating experience what more if you soar over the Kathmandu Valley for an experience you will never forget. At 10,000 feet, you get to see the Himalayas like you have never seen before. The best time to fly is before the sun rises for a spectacular dawn.

Saga, Japan

Every November of each year, hot air balloon enthusiasts converge in Saga, Japan for the Saga International Balloon Festival. During the event, hundreds of balloons of every shape and size soar to the air for some competition which makes the event even more exciting. The Saga International Balloon Festival has grown to become the largest balloon competition in Asia which makes a trip to this country during this time of the year truly worthwhile.

With hot air balloons becoming such a hit in Asia, experiencing the air up there is something you would not want to slip away.

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