Best European Cities To Go Clubbing

Looking for a place to go clubbing and party all night in Europe? Here are some recommended European destinations where you can party all night long.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Despite the closure of the iconic Trouw in 2015, Amsterdam still has a bevy of clubs where you can have fun, dance, and drink. The Sugar Factory is one of the more familiar techno clubs in the city. The NDM Docklands is located in the former shipyard of the Amsterdam Noord. You can grab a free ferry ride from behind the train station leaving every 15 minutes until midnight.

Bacelona, Spain

Barcelona hosts two of the biggest events in the Spanish if not European music scene. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends the ultimate urban festival Sonar and Primavera If you are traveling in June. However, if you are traveling in another time, Razzmatazz is the perfect place to go clubbing. Hailed as Mixmag’s Club of the Year in 2015, it plays a wide range of music from Indie alternative to Kraftwerk.

Basel, Switzerland

Basel is just a stone’s throw away from France and Germany and is just three hours away from Stuttgart’s live music scene. It is therefore not surprising that a club like Nordstern attracts some of the world’s top DJs for regular nightly gigs. Robert Janitzek says that there are clubs where you can dance your hearts out until the wee hours of the morning, like LadyBar and Fass Bar where you can groove to Afro beat, electro swing, and house.

Berlin, Germany

If clubbing in Europe is what you want, Berlin would always be in your list. You can find clubs ranging from abandoned warehouses to chic and intimate venues. The most famous club Berghain is difficult to get into but it is worth trying because this is the best venue for clubbing. However, don’t lose hope because there are clubs where the door policy is not that strict.

Zagreb, Croatia

Another European destination where you can go clubbing is Zagreb. The city offers a bevy of clubs and music bars such as SPUNK and the more intimate Sirup.

Budapest, Hungary

During summer, thousands of clubbers troop to an island in the midst of the picturesque River Danube for a night of party and dancing. Hajogyari used to be where a Roman palace stood but is now filled with a stretch of bars and clubs. The three-tiered A38 is housed on a moored boat. It also serves as the venue for the Sziget Festival held in August.

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