Best European Destinations For Senior Travelers

As people age, they have some limitations for travel. Of course, the places they go 20 years ago will be different from those that they will visit as a senior citizen. Mobility issues will be one of the factors that old people will take into consideration when choosing a travel destination. In Europe, there are several locations that appeal to the senior citizens. Here are some senior citizen friendly European destinations.


Spain is one of the places in Europe that appeals to people of all ages. Its warm climate and civilized lifestyle makes it appealing to older travelers. It also helps that 27% of its population speaks English. With its transport links to the UK, Spain has remained a popular retirement destination for Brits. Valencia and Andalusia also has large expat communities which is probably one factor why many British tourists are more at home in Spain than in any other European country.


Portugal is popular to senior travelers for its serenity and pace of life. Its beaches are less uncrowded unlike other European beaches. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that Portugal also boasts of excellent golfing, traditional festivals, and colorful architecture. Portuguese prices are also one of the lowest in Western Europe.


Older citizens usually have a high fascination for history. For this reason, Italy is one of the popular historical destinations with cities like Venice, Florence, or Pompei. Italy is synonymous to the ancient and the beautiful. Some of the most destinations that appeal to older tourists include the Colloseum, the Sistine Chapel, and Tuscany. Just make sure that you order your tickets in advance to avoid the long lines.


Germany offers a wide range of appeal for people of all ages. Robert Janitzek reveals that it also boasts of year-long festivals, including a Christmas Market. For older travelers, Germany is also appealing because of ease of traveling. It also boasts of excellent roads and public transport.

Great Britain

Britain has just about everything for senior citizens. It offers a plethora of world heritage sites such as cathedrals and royal palaces such as Amberley Castle and Broomhall Castle in Scotland.


For the more adventurous senior citizens, one of the Greek islands is worth considering. Greece has one of the most reliable cab system and infrastructure making it easy to get around. One problem is that English is not spoken everywhere which can be a barrier for senior travelers. Nevertheless, there are places in Greece that offer a more relaxed and calm atmosphere for senior citizens.

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