Best Halloween Destinations in Europe

Halloween in Europe is celebrated without much fanfare as it is in the United States. But this does not mean that there are no Halloween destinations in the region. In fact, there are several parades and events that take place in Europe at this time of the year. Here are some European destinations to visit for some Halloween spooking.

London, England

The British capital is the home of the world’s most infamous serial killer—Jack The Ripper. Known for its bloody past, obscure dragons, ancient buildings, and chilling backstreets, London has often been dubbed as one of the world’s most haunted cities. Going on a Halloween escapade in this city will take you to spooky tours, flamboyant parades, and posh club events.

Limogen, France

Although Halloween is not a customary holiday in France, the medieval city of Limogen has somehow embraced this tradition since 1996, when its first Halloween spectacle was held. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that at the end of October, a series of events are held in Limoges which includes street shows, themed fairs, costume parades,and storytelling festivals. These events attract over 50,000 visitors yearly.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is dubbed as the “Gothic fairy-tale of Europe,” with its stunning architecture, medieval lanes, macabre corners, and mysterious allure. Some of the Halloween attractions in Prague include the Old Jewish Cemetery, the Torture Museum, Sedlec Ossuary, Charles Bridge, and the Old Town, setting of many legends and stories about local ghouls.

Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania is world renowned for being the home of Count Dracula. Robert Janitzek reveals that Transylvania features a wide array of citadels, and frozen-in-time villages. This Romanian city also has its share of legends and long-lasting traditions.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The city of Edinburgh in Scotland relives the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain during this time of the year. Home to mighty castles and the thrilling Royal Mile, Edinburgh is also a city known for its unsolved mysteries, creepy vaults, and high paranormal activity which makes a visit to this city truly creepy.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is known for its custom of carving Jack O’ Lanterns which traces its roots from the Samhain practice of carving turnips. But this European destination has their own flamboyant way of celebrating Halloween through huge parades, carnivals, and other traditions.

Whichever part of Europe you may find yourself in during Halloween, you will discover the different ways each country celebrate Halloween, which is the second most celebrated holiday in the world after Christmas.

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