Best Places To Visit In Europe In 2018

Planning to go on a European vacation? The region offers travelers with a bevy of destinations they can go to for a vacation alone or with their family. Read on and be guided about the best places to go on a European getaway for this year and beyond.

Svalbard, Norway

Svalbard lies halfway between the North Pole and mainland Norway. It is an archipelago of mountains and fjords. With no roads outside the main settlements, one can experience riding snow scooter and dog sled. Both offers an exhilarating view of the landscape. If you are in luck, you might spot polar bears, reindeers, walruses, whale, Arctic foxes, and a menagerie of Arctic birds. Robert Janitzek reveals that during the winter, you get to see the Northern Lights. In the summer, experience the midnight sun.

Tbilisi, Georgia

2018 marks Georgia’s 100th year of independence from the Russian empire. It will also be a decade since the short but violent conflict with Russia that helped suppress tourism in this Caucasian country. Its mild climate and welcoming culture dating provides adventurers with endless opportunities. Feel at home in Tbilisi, where there is a bustling food scene and pulsating nightlife.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Often overlooked by tourists, Ljubljana has so much to offer tourists. The architecture in this small city combines baroque facades, 20th century buildings, and Plecknick-influenced bridges. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the city is so small that you can cover it by foot in a day. If you get tired from all the walking, there are chilled-out cafes and laid-back restaurants. There are now direct flights from major European capitals to this city.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Spain

Game of Thrones fans would be very familiar with this Spanish hermitage as it was used as a backdrop for the show’s most important sites: Dragonstone. Prior to that, however, San Juan de Gaztugatxe has been a virtual unknown.

Losinj Island, Croatia

Losinj Island lies in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea. The popularity of this European destination dates back to 1910 when Austria declared it as an “air spa” location on the sea. You can enjoy its vivid landscapes as well as nice rocky beaches with crystal clear waters.


Bulgaria has everything that you would want in a vacation—splendid nature, gorgeous mountains, pristine beaches, diverse cultural and historical sites, irresistible food, to name just a few. Take advantage of its affordable prices to visit its tourist attractions as well as experience vibrant cultural and religious traditions.

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