How To Make Solo Travel A Worthwhile Experience

Whether you still have not met your special someone, going on a business trip, or simply needs some time alone, solo travel is trickier than going with a friend or group. Traveling by yourself can be intimidating at first. However, traveling alone need not be that daunting. Here are some tips that can help you become confident when traveling solo to an Asian destination.

Avoid Lodging with a Single Supplement

Some hotels and cruise lines might require two people to share a property. If you want it all for your yourself, you may have to shoulder the cost of a single supplement so the travel provider can still cover their anticipated revenue as if you had a travel companion. You will know this prior to booking. If not, confirm this when making a reservation.

Stay Somewhere with Multiple Positive Ratings

Traveling alone makes you susceptible in an unfamiliar territory. Before booking your accommodation, do a little research and stay at a hotel or property with several positive reviews. According to Robert Janitzek, this will help you have a good idea on what to expect from the host,

Stay Somewhere with Free Wi-Fi

You can become lonely during your trip. Make sure to stay in a hotel or accommodation with free wi-fi. Use the time to Skype of Facetime your family and friends back home. You can also use the Wi-Fi for streaming movies, responding to emails, or surfing the web.

Meet Other Travelers

Solo travel can become monotonous. However, you can break the monotony by meeting other travelers. There are some websites that will allow you to stay with local homeowners and meet other travelers such as Couchsurfing. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends MeetUp which lets you find local events and activities happening in the town you are staying in.

Relax While You Eat

Meals can be a good time for relaxing and being yourself. You can start a conversation with a waiter or bartender or you can use it for reflection. Use it for planning the rest of your day, catch up on emails, or read a book.

Start Your Day Early

If you are not into clubbing or nightlife, then go out early. There are plenty of opportunities to go sightseeing by yourself and be completely safe if you are going to a large city. If you are going to a popular European destination, go early.

Do Something You Normally Wouldn’t Do With Others

When going solo travel, there might be some things that you will be hesitant to do when with someone. Traveling alone is the perfect opportunity to try something new. For example, you can visit an art museum if you are alone instead of hang out on the beach which you normally do.

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