How To Make Your First Camping Trip Memorable

Excited to go on your first camping trip? For a first timer, the experience can be overwhelming. You probably do not where to start and what are the things you need to prepare. This article will guide you on how to make your first camping trip to an Asian destination one that you will never forget.

What To Buy

Sleeping Bag

You might want to sleep on your own sleeping bag. While you can borrow someone else’s, you might want to get your own bag. When buying a sleeping bag, consider the weather in the destination you are camping. There are lightweight sleeping bags, waterproof ones, or double sleeping bags. It will all depend on your preference and need.

Hiking Boots

If you plan to go on a hiking trip during your camping while carrying your backpack, make sure to purchase a sturdy and waterproof hiking boots. Robert Janitzek reveals that keeping your ankles protected is important when hiking. Look for boots with grippy sole as you do not want to be slipping on the trail. Break in your boots to make sure that they conform to your foot, stride, and bunions. It also helps prevent blisters during your trip.

Moisture-wicking Socks

Aside from your boots, a wool moisture-wicking sock can also protect your feet from blisters.

First Aid Kit

You do not want to be caught in the middle of the wilderness without a first aid kit. You do not know when accidents will happen during your camping trip so it pays to be prepared.

Right Backpack

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that finding the right backpack is important for your comfort and safety. Before going, consider the number of stuff you will carry and then cut it in half. The more room your pack has, the more stuff you can carry.

What To Borrow

There are some stuff that you can just borrow when going on a camping trip.

    Sleeping pads
    Walking poles
    Compact cooking kit
    Water filter
    Head lamps
    Secure food bins (for locking food away from wildlife like bears)

When borrowing a tent, practice assembling and disassembling it prior to your trip. You can also try if it is waterproof. Friends or co-workers may be happy to share their equipment with you. Chances are they are using it only once or twice a year.

Now that you already know what to buy and borrow for your first camping trip, it is time to get out and have fun.

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