How To Pack For Airplane Travel

In the light of airline companies charging excessive baggage fees, you do not want to be carrying too much for your next trip. Likewise, you do not want to miss out on anything important. Packing for your next European vacation need not be overwhelming. Here are some tips to make packing for your next trip a breeze.

Carry-On Bags

If you like carrying your laptops and other gadgets such as cameras, smartphones, and a GoPro, then you should bring with you a carry-on bag. A backpack with many compartments is also worth considering. A carry-on bag can also work as a handbag if you do not carry around a lot of camera gear.

Passport & Credit Cards

One of the most important things you need to pack is your passport and credit card. You will need them during airport security checkpoints and during emergencies like missing belongings or canceled flight re-booking. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends making copies of your passport and credit cards and separate them from the original in case they get lost or stolen.


For medications, make sure to pack them in your carry-on bag so you don’t miss a dose. Pack meds for headache, allergies, or motion sickness. This can help you get remedy for symptoms right away. Bringing vitamins like Vitamin C and acidophilus offer protection from germs. Activated charcoal pills is an excellent remedy for mild stomach bugs and allergies.


Again, cell phones, laptops, or other electronic devices and their chargers should be secured in your carry-on bags. Robert Janitzek recomnmends packing a portable charger when you do not have access to outlets such as on the plane itself or when exploring during a long layover. Looking for outlets in some airports can be tricky and you do not want to travel on an empty phone.

Bring Clothes, Just in Case

Hopefully you do not have to deal with lost luggage but it pays to be prepared. A spare underwear, socks, and extra shirt can help you stay fresh until your lost luggage is found. If you are traveling to a tropical destination, consider packing your swimwear on your carry-on so you do not miss the water. A cardigan or light jacket can double as blanket during air-conditioned flights. The airplane you are on may not be carrying blankets for every passenger.


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