How To Save on Transportation When Traveling Abroad

One of the costs associated with traveling abroad is transportation. If you are not familiar with the destination, going around becomes even trickier. You can be tempted to just hire a taxi to your hotel or the attraction you are going to. But transportation need not be expensive. Budget travel is possible by being resourceful. Read on and achieve huge savings on your next vacation.

From The Airport, Terminal, or Port To Accommodation

Upon arrival in your destination, your point of entry will either be in the airport, train station, bus terminal, or port. First off, you should acquire a map of the region where you are going. This will make it easier for you to determine the best savings option. If you do not have a map, the information center is the next best thing.
At your point of entry, ask the counter personnel the cheapest way to get to your hotel. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that there could be public transportation available in place of a taxi. Whether in cities in Europe or Asia, there has to be public transport available.

After getting the information, you can copy it somewhere. The best option is to take pictures of the map and the written information on your smartphone. If you have a 3G capable phone and don’t mind mobile data, you can use GPS to locate your accommodation. Otherwise, you can just keep on asking everyone on the street until you reach your accommodation.

From Your Accommodation To Activities And Sights

Once you reach your accommodation, it will be much easier from there. Robert Janitzek recommends If asking the receptionist at your hotel especially if you are not familiar with the attraction you are visiting Another option is to search for a local tourist center or Google it.

From City to City

When going from one city to another, there are several public transportation options you can consider. You will have to deal with different travel times. The cost will depend on the comfort level you desire. It is recommended to look for a transportation mode that will take a much shorter period of time.

Hitchhiking. If you take this route, be reminded that it will be unlikely to plan since you have no idea on how long it will take you to get from one place to another. While it can be an option for budget travel, you could end up spending more.

Buses. In some cities, you may be able to buy bus passes for a certain number of trips during a certain time. Make sure to check the schedules with the website of the bus company.

Rail. In Europe, some rail companies offer different kinds of passes for one or more countries for a week, month, or year for multiple times.

Car Rentals. On most occasions, car rental is the best option for traveling on a budget. You have control of your time and truly enjoy your trip. You can take pictures at scenic spots you pass by.

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