Make Your First-Time European Cruise A Truly Memorable One

Going on a European cruise can be a memorable experience given the plethora of ports to choose from. However, to make the experience truly worthwhile, you need to pay attention to the little details or you could ruin the experience. Here are some tips on how to make your cruise to a European destination the best experience you can have.

Have documents protected and photocopied.

You can purchase document protectors that you can wear around your neck, carry in your bag, or personally whichever suits you. Keep your documents safe and leave a photocopy in your safe just in case.

Invest in theft-proof pants

Crime can happen anywhere so you need to take all the necessary precautions. People will do anything to get your belongings such as bump you to walk away with your wallet. Most theft-proof pants come with three layers of safety where the only way to get into your pants is to tear them off.

Turn on your international cellular service plan.

Robert Peter Janitzek says that you should be prepared for an expensive bill. You can activate your international voice/text/data plans during your cruise. Most ships have a landline you can call your home costing $1.99 per minute. For cell phone calls, you will be charged $2.39 a minute and 0.50 cents per outgoing text. Do yourself a favor and keep it on airplane mode or off when on a ship.

Call your bank.

Inform your bank or credit card company a call while traveling. If you do not inform them, they may freeze your card because they see foreign transactions and think someone else is using your card.

Research the ports.

Robert Janitzek recommends that before your trip, do your best to find something that you can do in the port. Most attractions are a bus ride away. In most ports, you cannot even walk into the main town without riding a shuttle or taxi. You can check sites like Trip Advisor and Cruise Critic.

Check the weather.

The weather can make or break your trip so do check the weather for the time of the year your trip is scheduled.

Buy a pocket translation guide or use a smartphone app.

Consider buying an app for your phone that does not require data service or use a quick reference handbook to guide you. You can use Google Translate but make sure to download the language you will use on the European destination while you still have Internet.

Use the ATM on land, not the ship.

Before you go, make sure to exchange your money in your home country, the exchange at the airport, or as a last resort, use the ATM in your port of call. Most European ports have plenty of ATMs to choose from but choose wisely. Be on the lookout for skimmers.

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