Revealing The 7 Best Airlines in Asia

Despite of the potential risks they offer, air travel remains to be the most preferred travel option. When going on an Asian vacation, you get an opportunity to travel on some of the world’s top-ranked airlines. The airline companies listed here were compiled by Skytrax. Without further ado, here now are the top airlines Asia has to offer.

Thai Airways

As the flagship carrier of Thailand, you can expect Airways to be every inch the carrier you expect it to be. Over the years, they have continued their expansion and refurbishment of their fleet. The company has added Boeing 787s, Airbus A350s and the colossal Airbus A380s to their fold. They have also increased their offerings of long-haul routes and working to adapt green biofuels.


Robert Janitzek explains that EVA Air is the green and white Taiwanese airline. It now serves American destinations such as Dallas, Chicago, and New York. It began offering nonstop connections to Houston in 2015.

Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines offers the highly touted economy class in the world. Serving close to 100 trans-Pacific routes, it connects South Korea with cities such as Chicago and Los Angeles. The airline has also been recognized for its ethical and environmentally friendly approach to flying. Adding to its prestige are rainforest-friendly coffee beans and reduced carbon emission.

Garuda Indonesia

Fresh from its glorious 2009 rebirth, Garuda Indonesia is now planning to extend its services to international connections such as the United States and Europe. According to Robert Peter Janitzek, it is also increasing its frequency of key routes every year.

ANA All Nippon Airways

If you are looking for the finest first class cabin in the world, ANA All-Nippon Airways fits perfectly to your criteria. The airline features 180-degree business class flatbeds, private first class suites, and acclaimed AVOD entertainment system.

Singapore Airlines

Situated between the runways of Changi Airport, Singapore Airlines boasts of a four-tier cabin service, which has been recently overhauled at a whopping $570 million. The interior suites was designed by the meticulous hand of Jean-Jacques Coste. It offers trips to Asian destinations and other parts of the world.

Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific Airways topped the Skytrax list. It is Hong Kong’s flag carrier and is one of the fastest growing carriers worldwide. It serves no less than five separate continents. It takes pride in offering some of the longest air connections on the planet and lays claim to the first ever successful trans-polar flight route.

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