The 5 Best Cities To Travel For Work In Europe

Traveling abroad to work can be a challenge. It entails a lot of adjustment on your part. From the environment, to the culture, and the challenge of being away from your family can be some of the obstacles that may dissuade you from trying out a new career in a foreign country. The economy of Europe is booming right now which makes it one of the best places to travel for work. Here are 5 European destinations that can offer you a lucrative career.


Ireland’s capital ranks among the fastest growing economies in Europe. Since the global financial crisis in 2008, its GDP has grown at a rate of 7.8%, higher than the 1.9% average of other European countries. Technology companies like Facebook, Google, and IBM has their European headquarters in this city due to the low corporate tax and the available talented local workforce.

Ireland, in general, had the strongest economic growth forecast in 2016 at 6.9%, according to the World Economic Forum. It is geographically close to the UK and English is the most widely spoken language. Robert Janitzek reveals that Dublin is the perfect choice if you are not keen on learning a new language.


Lisbon boasts of a sunny climate and is known for its proximity to the beach. It has wonderful food and is just three hours away from Porto, Portugal’s fashion hub, which has an abundance of factories. But this city is attractive as a work destination because of its thriving creative economy. The LX Factory, located in an old industrial complex, is the hub of the vibrant arts and culture scene which houses projects, design businesses, and creative entrepreneurs.

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that if you want a career outside the hospitality industry, learning Portuguese is a necessity. However, learning this new language can give your CV a huge boost when you return to your home country.


Next to Silicon Valley, Stockholm has established itself as a major technology hub. The birthplace of Skype and Spotify, the city is the cultural, economic, media, and political center of Sweden. While the local taxes are high, the standard of living is high as well. Like the rest of Europe, its economy is flourishing and there is a huge demand for skilled labor as well as in growth areas like finance and entrepreneurship.


Prague is quite well known for its baroque architecture, rich culture, and beer. As of June 2016, it has the second lowest unemployment rate in Europe at 4.1%. In the last ten years, it has seen tremendous growth in various sectors particularly in privatized service and tourism. Financial services, IT, property, consulting, and advertising have also seen tremendous growth.


Berlin is a growing hub for companies focusing on fintech, ecommerce, and mobile apps. If you are seeking a career in the start-up business, the city is the best place to be.

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