Tips When Traveling By Train in Thailand

Traveling by train in Thailand offers an opportunity to experience and appreciate the sceneries that the country has to offer. Using this mode of transportation is safe, enjoyable, and economical. It is more enjoyable than the long-haul, tourist-oriented buses. This article provides tips on making train travel enjoyable in this Asian destination.

More Comfortable than Bus

While they may be the slowest form of transportation in the country even in the long-haul buses, trains are more comfortable. You will be able to walk around, stretch your legs, and provide easier access to toilets. The scenery is another feature that makes train travel more appealing.

Booking Your Ticket

There are two ways you can book a ticket either from a travel office or in the train station itself. With the former, you may be charged a booking fee but the additional charge may not be significant compared to the latter.

Trains Are Booked In Advance

Never assume that when you arrive at the station, you can easily buy a ticket and go for a ride. Robert Janitzek reveals that travel agents make bigger commissions for booking tourist buses. They will even talk you out of taking the train. Check with several offices if you are informed that the train is full.

What Class to Book?

Both old and new trains are divided into three classes. First class trains are for air-conditioned and overnight sleepers only. Each compartment can hold two people and has a small sink. If you are traveling alone, you will be placed with someone of the same sex. Second class is the most affordable option. They are for sitting and sleeping cars and is available in air-conditioned and fan only options. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that third-class trains have hard seats and can get warm.

Overnight Trips

If you have a tight itinerary but do not want to take the airplane, sleeper trains are the perfect choice. You won’t lose a day to transportation and save money on accommodations and wake up at your next destination. When buying a ticket, you will be asked if you prefer upper or lower berth. The former is slightly more economical and offers more privacy because you are off the ground but they are much smaller. They offer less legroom.

Food and Drinks on Trains

Uniformed trained personnel will haggle you several times to order food and drinks. Food is often overpriced and low quality. It is best to buy your own snacks, fruit, and vegetables before boarding the train. You can eat your food at the dining car at the back of the train.

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