UK Transportation Options That Fit Your Travel Personality

The United Kingdom offers travelers with plenty of options for touring. England, Scotland, Wales, and the other offshore islands offer various and landscapes and activities for them to do. As plenty as they are, not all of them may be suitable for travelers. A European vacation will depend on the personality and style of tourists. Here is a short guide on what the UK offers to travelers depending on their style and personality.

Rambler and a Gambler

If you are this type of tourist, your travel plan will be loose and full of surprises. You would like to explore and cover huge grounds as much as possible. You would prefer traveling on your car on the open road. As for the attractions, you would love to explore beautiful sceneries, quaint country pubs, and hidden valleys as they come. You have the road all to yourself. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends having enough cash as you would likely consume petrol. Also breakdowns or flat tires are likely and this could ruin your day. In addition, you should take advantage of the Park and Ride facilities when you see them.

Campaign Planner

You want your trip to be as detailed as possible. You plan it with military precision and love the challenge. You want to be on a certain place on a given day and like to know how long it will take you to reach your destination as well as the cost. You want to be clear about your itinerary and do not like messing around. Robert Janitzek reveals that the train is the best transportation option for this kind of tourist. Most of the trains leave the station on time and they are clean and comfortable. While on the train, you already get a spectacular view of the countryside. You get to relax without worrying about traffic and speed limits.

Budget Backpacker or Senior Explorer

You are working on a tight budget and do not like to spend more than what you have. You prefer exploring and make last minute changes in your travel plans. Your best transportation option here is the coach or intercity buses. Aside from being affordable, they also visit most European destinations in the UK and make multiple stops in bigger cities. If you book in advance, the cost may even be cheaper. You can buy tickets on the day of your trip from the coach driver. However, if you are going to less popular destinations, you may encounter multiple layovers and changes in bus stations which will take several hours.

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