Visiting Casinos in Europe

Looking for a place where you can play poker or blackjack in Europe? With over 50 countries to choose from, there are different gambling hotspots that you can consider visiting if you want to try your luck and win some money. There are many hotel casinos here where you can gamble and hopefully take home some cash. Here now are some European destinations you can visit for gambling.

Mercure Warszawa Grand Hotel

The Mercure Warszawa Grand Hotel is home to Orbis Casino. It is often called the best luxury deal in Europe. The 4,000 square feet Orbis Casino is mostly made up of slots and table games, including American-style table games and occasional head-to-head poker tournaments. The Mercure has 450 available guest rooms with 10 VIP suites, both offering luxury amenities. The room rate starts at $134/night.

Hotel Ambassador

Monaco is an expensive place to visit but it is possible to stay on a budget at the Hotel Ambassador. As a guest, you will be entitled to private parking. Robert Janitzek says that the hotel is the best location to stay in in this city. They are just minutes away from the tourist locations. The attached casino offers all the traditional Monte Carlo favorites focusing on French roulette.

Casino di Sanremo

There are just five traditional casinos in Italy. The Casino di Sanremo is the biggest, most popular, and most affordable place to stay in if you are craving for some gambling. The 40,000+ square foot casino hosts a bevy of Western style games. Slots and video pokcer are available but the focus of the casino is on punto banco, roulette, and “red and black.”

Hotel Algarve Casino

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that Portugal is fast becoming a casino hotspot in Europe. Credit goes to low prices, booming economy, and a rejuvenated tourist trade. Hotel Algarve Casino is Portugal’s first legitimate casino-hotel. It offers top of the line accommodations and luxury amenities. The casino offers games that American gamblers would be familiar with. All roulette games are French and there are only a few dozen machine games.

The May Fair Hotel

May Fair Hotel is where the informal and the elegant combine. The hotel offers a little of everything from cheap street food storefronts to gourmet dining. A stay in London will usually carry a heavy price tag but the casinos here are actually one of the best in Europe. You can find betting exchange and OTB facilities here. Games here include machine games, VIP baccarat, and roulette.

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