4 Rules Every Tourist Should Remember When Traveling To Paris

Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Known as the City of Love, there is more to Paris than just the Eiffel Tower and the Champs de Elyse. A trip to this European destination entail following some rules and regulations. Here are some rules that every tourist like you should brush up on if they want to make your Paris trip truly worthwhile.

General Rules

    1. When reserving a restaurant, make them when you can.
    2. Avoid traveling to Paris on August. This is the time when everyone is on vacation. Restaurants are closed during the month and the city is steaming.
    3. There are some rules that are not encouraged in Paris. For example, making eye contact with strangers, smiling at them, saying “hello.” If you are a woman and you smile at a man, he will assume that you are the one courting.
    4. Say “hello” to store clerks. Robert Janitzek says that when buying eclairs, for instance, do not order immediately, greet the person behind the register first. This will help establish that you are a polite American familiar with local French culture.
    5. For the French, it’s rude to define personal interaction on the basis of financial transaction. Let your guards down. You should not get involved in any altercation with garcons in cafes, waiters, or cab drivers. Most French can speak English well, Younger folks are a lot friendlier to Americans.


In France, wearing sweatshirts is okay. The French are more comfortable with wearing comfortable clothes. However, there are still some unspoken rules. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that sweatshirts is okay for sightseeing. Short shorts is a no-no in France. It will make you look like a tourist. Tank tops is also a taboo in Paris. Even restaurants will have a dress code so do your homework before going.


While you can sit indefinitely at a café table or in a restaurant, you need to leave once you have asked for the check. There are two kinds of restaurants—one is a “Service compris” (tip included) and “service non-compris” (tip not included).


The best time to visit the major attractions is before they open. In this European destination, there are some tourist spots that open late one night a week when the crowds are relatively smaller. When visiting Paris, you can go to other attractions outside of The Eiffel Tower that will also give you an overview of the city such as at the top of the Notre Dame or the Arc de Triomphe.

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