5 Asian Destinations To Go On A Scenic Train Journey

As the largest continent in the world, Asia is brimming with natural and man-made wonders. A train ride in this part of the world provides opportunities to see some of the most scenic views in the continent. Let us take a look at some of the scenic Asian destinations you can reach by train.

Sri Lanka

Your journey starts from the colonial town of Kandy to Ella. The trip takes you to tea plantations and up hillside to a remote station in the middle of Hill Country. The entire trip takes seven hours to the final destination. Train rides in Sri Lanka are often lax as you can see passengers sitting in open doorways and swinging their legs.


Located at the edge of the Gobi Desert, the city of Jiayuguan is no different from the bigger metropolises of Beijing and Shanghai. It is home to the Jiayu Pass, the furthest western end of the Great Wall of China. Robert Janitzek reveals that the 18-hour trip is longer than any other in China. It traverses the Gobi Desert, Hexi Corridor, to the Qilian Mountain range, where snow-capped mountains glowing orange and pink are visible in the dusk.


Malaysia is endowed with a cheap and efficient rail service that travels down the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. At first, you would think that it’s just like a regular journey. However, that feeling disappears as the train picks up speed and zips past forested hills and verdant tropical landscapes. The good thing about the journey is that you can sit back and soak up the tropical vibe in your air-conditioned carriage.


Robert Peter Janitzek says that on the most northerly region of Honshu, Japan’s main island, you can book a trip on the Gono Railway. The line traverses the Aomori Prefecture, which is surrounded by the country’s iciest seas on three sides with snow-capped mountains on the south. Snow is pretty much guaranteed throughout the year. Book yourself into a special “sightseeing train” called Resort Shirakami and feast your eyes on snow-topped Mount Iwaki and the craggy coastline.


Vietnam consists of more than 1000 miles of rail lines. The trains on the line are comfortable and air-conditioned sleeper trains, which makes long distance train travel ideal. In this Asian destination, travel from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City on the Reunification Express is possible in three days. Between Hue and Danang, you can see fishermen casting their nets in the South China Sea before they curve around deserted white beaches and lush rainforest.

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