5 Etiquette Tips To Bear In Mind When Flying on An Airplane

The airplane is the fastest means of transportation. While it can be quite expensive, travelers still prefer air transport when going to a European vacation. However, to ensure a stress-free flight, you need to understand some flying etiquette. It all starts even before you board the plane. Make sure that you have your boarding pass and ID on hand as you near airport security. If you are waiting in line, you can speed up the process by removing your watch and belt, pulling out your laptop, and separating your liquids before you reach the conveyor. Here are some rules that you should always practice when flying in an airplane.

Board Courteously

As more and more people board the plane, you will be competing with other passengers for the same bin space. Robert Janitzek advises that in order to maximize room in the overhead compartment, place your bag vertically rather than horizontally on the shelf. Place only one carry-on bag in the bin. The other bag can fit in the open space under the seat in front of you.

Help Your Fellow Traveler

While you are loading your carry-on bag into the overhead compartment, offer to load the other passenger’s bag too. This is not only a kind gesture but can also make the boarding process more efficient for all passengers.

Be willing to swap seats with a family

Airlines sometimes block out certain seats or charge additional fees for adjacent ones. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that this is one reason it becomes hard for family members to buy seats together. If you are traveling alone, you can offer to switch seats so that family members can sit beside each other. But do the switching once the plane has reached cruising altitude as doing it while boarding can be an inconvenience for those standing in the aisles.

Respect your (limited) space

In the cramped quarters of an airplane, respecting your personal space can go a long way in ensuring a smooth flight for everyone. Let the middle-seat passenger use the armrests and keep your legs within the width of the chair frame.

Keep your personal items personal

During the flight to your Asian destination, it is important that you be mindful of your personal belongings as it is your personal space. Make sure that you do not hit other passengers with your bag while walking down the aisle by keeping it in front of you and close to your body. Once seated, make sure you have everything you need for the flight.

Keep these 5 etiquette rules in mind to ensure that you and other passengers will have a stress-free flight.

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