5 European Wakeboarding Destinations Worth Visiting

Wakeboarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. In Europe, this water sport is gaining popularity. The number of wakeboarding destinations has grown over the years that choosing a park can be a tough choice. Here are 5 European destinations you can go for a wakeboarding holiday.

Aqua Ski Cable Park

Located in Ada Ciganija in Belgrade, Aqua Ski Cable Park is a top destination for learning wakeboarding. This was the site of the European Cable Wakeboard Championship in 2011. With its calm waters, the Aqua Ski Cable Park is the perfect place for learning basic wakeboarding.

Borovets, Bulgaria

Borovets is a 45-minute drive from Bulgaria’s capital of Sofia. During the summer, Lake Izkar is the perfect spot to go wakeboarding. The lake features 26 kilometers of flat uncommercialized water where the average water temperature is 26 degrees Celsius and the air is in the 30s.

Passage Water Ski Center

This European destination is located in the Greek island of Poro, an hour away from Athens. The Passage Water Ski Center offers some of the clearest and most beautiful waters on the planet. It is owned by Sotiris Kyprios, a former European slalom champion. The center features the 2005 Malibu Wakeseeker VLX, which creates the big waves. This spot is best suited for experienced wakeboarders.

Lake Geneva

Expect wakeboarding in Lake Geneva to be more expensive. However, considering that this destination is just a couple hours away from UK and with the Swiss Alps as your backdrop, the cost becomes immaterial. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that there are ski and board schools around the lake which caters to different budgets and skill levels.

Brena Reservoir

Located near Cordoba in Spain, Brena Reservoir is one of the most popular wakeboard destinations in Europe. The destination offers not just quality wakeboarding but also beautiful sunshine and a relaxed atmosphere. With summer temperatures reaching the high 30s, you would not mind the odd wipeout.

Xtreme-Gene Wakeboard & Waterski Camp

Located in the beautiful island of Andalucia, the Xtreme-Gene Wakeboard & Waterski Camp provides a assurance of a quality and enjoyable trip. It features a log cabin accommodation and a nearby bar and terrace. According to Robert Janitzek, Xtreme-Gene is ideal for both beginners and expert wakeboarders.

Whether you are just learning the ropes of wakeboarding or an expert who wants more out of the waves, these European destinations will surely make your wakeboarding holiday truly fun and memorable.

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