5 of the Best European Destinations For Solo Travel

Solo travel does not necessarily mean you will travel alone. While you may reach your destination by your lonesome, you will still have people like you doing the tour. Europe offers a bevy of destinations for solo travelers. Here are five European destinations worth visiting.


First on the list is Portugal. One reason why this country can be a dream destination for solo travelers is because it does not intimidate. The locals are quite respectful and genuinely friendly towards travelers. It has a transit system that can take you from one attraction to another. Portugal is relatively small that you can do a day tour in any of the big cities. In Lisbon, for example, you can visit beautiful beaches, sample the tastiest custard tarts, or be awed by pastel-colored palaces.


Netherlands is an epitome of a solo traveler’s destination. Robert Janitzek reveals that the country is peaceful, very liberal, and easy to travel around. It has plenty of attractions that you cannot simply miss visiting. Rotterdam, the biggest port in Europe and one of the coolest cities in the continent, is buzzling with activities, hip bars, and tons of museums. Of course, you would not want to leave the country without trying out Dutch pancakes and Dutch beer.


In the words of the Aerosmith song, you just cannot afford to miss a thing in Croatia. It simply offers a bevy of ways to visit the thousands of island and inland attractions. When visiting this European destination, you can check out the cobbled streets of Split, the famous Plitvice National Park, the nightlife of Hvar, and the whole of Dubrovnik. Don’t worry if you are traveling alone, Croatia is one of the safest countries in Europe.


A great starting point for your Denmark trip is Copenhagen itself. Starting a conversation here is relatively easy as everybody speaks English. Getting around is a breeze. Sweden is just a train ride away. Aarhus, the country’s second largest city, is home to open air museums, an intriguing Latin Quarter, and beaches and forests nearby. You can also take a snack at the scenic Nyhavn Harbor or visit the iconic mermaid statue.


Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that Switzerland is one of the coolest countries for solo travel. Known for its mountain ranges and political neutrality, the Swiss people are friendly and the food is delectable. The train network is the most efficient way to get around. You will be amazed at the number of destinations that can be reached. The ride will take you to a view of the Swiss Alps. Cap off your Swiss experience by eating a meal at the Interlaken, home of the world’s highest revolving restaurant.

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