5 of The Coolest Neighborhoods To Visit In Europe

Looking for a cool place to hang out in Europe? The continent offers a myriad of trendy neighborhoods with a plethora of hip dining establishments, quirky cafes, eclectic stores, and contemporary art centers. In this article, we shall take a look at some of the coolest European destinations that should be in your must-visit checklist.

Praga. Warsaw

Long ago, Praga was ranked among the districts with the highest crime rates in Warsaw. But that was before. Now, Pragahas been transformed into one of Europe’s creative hubs. Many of its abandoned warehouses and disused factories being transformed into hip bars, clubs, restaurants, and art spaces. The district is a hub for the young people. Some even acknowledge that this where the true pulse of Warsaw can be found.

Amsterdam-Noord, Amsterdam

It is common knowledge that the whole city of Amsterdam is cool but one of its neighborhoods takes coolness to the next level. Located in the northern part of the city, Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that Amsterdam-Noord is the trendiest district in the city. It is brimming with old warehouses and disused shipyards. The district is also packed with cutting-edge architecture, a plethora of art studios and cooperatives and a smorgasboard of new bars and restaurants.

Kreuzberg, Berlin

Berlin has been consistent in being named as Europe’s coolest city and Kreuzberg is the trendiest neighborhood. Ten years ago, this neighborhood was severely run-down. Since then, it has become a haven for a wave of European expats and German cool cats. This Turkish neighborhood stretches from the leafy Bergmannstraße all the way to the river at Oberbaumbrücke. Robert Janitzek explains that Kreuzberg is filled with eclectic bars, affordable Turkish food joints, boutique stores and the club scene that pumps life up to the early hours of Monday morning.

7th District, Budapest

World War II has left Budapest forgotten on the European scene. As loud and trendy metropolises such as Berlin and London emerged, Budapest had also been cultivating its own cool metropolis. The city boats of offbeat selections of ruin bars and watering holes occupying spaces of abandoned buildings. Most of these establishments are found in the 7th district of Budapest.

Grunerløkka, Oslo

Grunerløkka is the most edgy and trendy district in Oslo. It is also the ultimate pocket of cool. In the last ten years, this industrial neighborhood has become a vibrant neighborhood that can match its Scandinavian neighbors as the best city district. Explore the Birkelunden flea market on Sundays, visit the designer shops and browse through numerous galleries, before taking a break at one of the many artisan coffee shops or microbreweries in the vicinity.

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