5 Things To Do in Vietnam

Known for its beautiful countryside, delicious food, and fascinating culture, Vietnam offers tourists with a bevy of activities they can indulge in. There are several memorable places and experiences that travelers will surely share to their friends. Here are the top activities you can do in this Asian destination.

Tour of Ninh Binh Countryside

While the town of Ninh Binh can be a sleeper, the surrounding countryside can be enticing. You can rent a bicycle and explore the limestone scenery. You can also have a picnic by the side of the rice fields while watching the locals work.

Hanoi Kids tours

Hanoi Kids is an organization that pairs travelers with students learning English. By signing up with the organization, you can get a free tour of the city. You also get a local perspective of the city, culture, and cuisine. You can visit the memorial to Ho Chi Minh and get to know about the place. Robert Janitzek reveals that it is you who will set the pace during the tour and they will give you tips on how to make the most of your time in the city. It is free except for the entrance fees. If you give money to the guide, they will pass it on to the organization.

Food tour in Hanoi

Vietnam is a food lover’s paradise offering several tasty and affordable options. However, the sheer amount of things and places to eat can be overwhelming. You can get to sample delicacies like Bun cha (pork with rice noodles), mi quang (fantastic noodle dish), happy pancakes, spring rolls, pho, beautiful steamed fish, sticky rice and egg coffee

Dai Lanh and the Hon Gom sandbar

Robert Peter Janitzek explains that Dai Lanh Beach is where the Annamite Mountains meet the ocean making it a perfect place to visit. Hire a scooter and head over to the 30-km long Hon Gom Sandbar. The scooter ride will take you to sand dunes and over the sand-smeared tarmac of a new road leading to the Vuon Xoai restaurant in the floating hamlet of Son Dung. From there, you can five off the pontoon, go on a tour of the village by boat, to name just a few.

Overnight sleeper from Hanoi to Da Nang

If you are looking for a cheap but interesting way to journey from Hanoi to Da Nang, reserve your tcket for the overnight sleeper train. The tour can give you a glimpse of the coastline, water buffalos, bananas, to name just a few.

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