5 Top Things You Can Do on a Cruise Vacation

Going on a cruise can be costly on your part. However, the cost associated with it is enough to make your vacation on the ship memorable. The good thing about them is that a cruise is almost all-inclusive so budgeting is much easier compared to a land-based vacation. If you are on a budget stick to it. When going on a cruise to a European destination, all you need to do is plan ahead. Here are some of the free things that you can do a cruise vacation.

Watch a Sunset or Sunrise Over the Ocean

It is not every day that you can see the sunset or sunrise for free. While watching them at the beach is already a sight, watching them at the sea is even more spectacular.

Eat and Drink

In basic cruises, meals in the main restaurants are buffets. You can get three or more “free” meals a day, along with snacks, some of which are offered 24-hours daily. As for the beverages, you can choose between coffee, tea, tap water. Robert Janitzek reveals that most cruise ships now feature specialty restaurants at an extra cost. The variety offered in the dining room and buffet is sufficient for travelers.

Enjoy The Onboard Entertainment

If you feel bored and have nothing to do, you can head over to the main lounge as most cruise ships have at least one show every evening. In large cruise ships, there are often Las Vegas-style revues, with singers, dancers, and amazing sets and costumes. There are also piano bars, small combos, and music of all kinds in the different lounges that most ships have.

Aside from music, Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that there are also comedians, magicians, and ventriloquists. There are also karaoke, talent shows, ballroom, and disco dancing. All of this are included in the fare.

Stay Fit and Healthy

Cruise ships have modern fitness centers with treadmills, weights, ellipticals, bicycles, and other equipment. Again, the use of the fitness center is included in the fare. However, classes like Yoga or Pilates are fee-based. Nothing can top the experience of working out with a view of the ocean. There are also walking and jogging tracks in the promenade deck.

Swim in the Pool

If you like to refresh while on the cruise ship at a European vacation, there are one or more swimming pools. While they are often small compared to those at a resort, it can still be fun for all ages. Passengers can enjoy water volleyball or other pool games.

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