6 Asian Destinations To Go Bungee Jumping

Are you up for some thrill and adventure? Do you like to go to the extreme? Have you ever tried bungee jumping? According to legends, it was a woman who started the custom of bungee jumping in a village off Pentecost Island. In her attempt to escape from her abusive husband, she tied vines on her legs and jumped off a tree. The husband jumped after her and died but the wife survived the jump.

If you like the thrill and excitement of bungee jumping, there are several Asian destinations that offer the thrill seekers an opportunity to go to the extreme and try out bungee jumping.

Macau Tower

At 233 meters high, the Macau Tower is regarded as one of the world’s tallest freestanding structure today. Aside from getting a picturesque view of the city, the AJ Hackett Bungee Jump is also located at the tower. Known for its avant-garde cord designs, cables, and equipment, the jump from the tower provides jumpers with an exhilarating free fall experience. The jump at Macau Tower costs HK$ 3288.

Thailand Pattaya Bungee

Standing 60 meters high, the Pattaya Bungee Jump is the perfect starting point if you are just starting with bungee jumping. Robert Janitzek says that its height may not match that of Macau tower but the experience can still be worthwhile and exhilarating. After conquering your fear, you may make your way to the Thepprasit Road Night Market and buy some local delights.

Malaysia Sunway Extreme Park

At just 22 meters high, this bungee jump at the Bandar Sunway Extreme Park in Malaysia is another great starting point for bungee jumping. At RM138, there are other activities that you can try in the park such as flying fox, go-kart, and the G-Force x.

Korea Gapyeong Top Land

Gapyeong is quite popular because of its amazing landscapes having been featured in drama scenes from Winter Sonata and Secret Garden. But this popular Asian destination also provides tourists with a venue for bungee jumping. The crane-structured platform at Gapyeong Top Land is only 55 meters high but it provides an amazing view of the Bukhan River.

Nepal – the Last Resort

The Last Resort in Nepal is an intermediate-level bungee plunge. Its platform stands 160 meters above the Bhote Kosi River, popular for river rafting. It is also located at Kathmandu’s pristine forests. Mind you, this venue will definitely not be your last resort.

Shidu Nature Park China

With the limestone formations and river bends as your backdrop, you will be tempted to take the plunge at the Shidu Nature Park in China. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the park features ten river bends as well as amazing limestone karst formations and cultural relics. The jumping platform is 55 meters high and the jump costs RMB200 (US$30). Located at the Shidu Juma Happy Garden, the park also offers a bevy of activities if you are not into jumping.

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