6 Family-Friendly Destinations in Europe

Europe has a lot of attractions that it offers to families traveling to this region. Both adults and youngsters will enjoy the family-friendly attractions worth visiting. In this article, Robert Peter Janitzek gives us recommendations on which destinations in Europe are perfect for your next family trip.

1. Kent, England

Known as the ‘Garden of England,’ the first things that comes to mind when speaking of Kent are the Dartford Crossing, P&O Ferries, and the Archbishop of Canterbury. But there is more to Kent than just these three. First off, you can enjoy the sands of Broadstairs Beach. In addition, you can have a glimpse of the English Channel as you walk the White Cliffs of Dover.

2. Country Kerry, Ireland

Take your family to a wild adventure in this island in Ireland. Country Kerry is a European vacation spot worth visiting. With mountains and lakes, castles, abbeys, and ruins, there is plenty that this island offers. The trip to the island is worthwhile as there are roadside attractions along the way.

3. Black Forest, Germany

There are plenty of attractions that your children will enjoy in Black Forest. One of the many sites they will enjoy is the Triberg, home to the biggest cuckoo clock in the world, according to Guinness. This clock is the size of a house. If you cannot resist the taste of Black Forest, head over to the Café Schafer where the original recipe is believed to have been made.

4. Budapest, Hungary

Robert Janitzek reveals that the capital city of Hungary is home to a bevy of family-friendly attractions. Budapest is located at the top of a cluster of hot springs, where numerous indoor and outdoor pools and spas can be found. Kids will surely have an enjoyable time at the wave machine of Gellert and Szchenyi’s whirlpool. Your trip will never be complete without indulging in Hungarian pastries.

5. Vorarlberg, Austria

If you live the peace and quiet that the farm offers, Vorarlberg is the place to be. Although the region is known for its pastures and valleys, it has its own share of activities that the family can enjoy. Kids can truly enjoy their European vacation as they take part in child-friendly trails which includes waterfall hikes and craft workshops. You can also ride the Pfander cable car. At 104 meters, get a glimpse of the not-so-distant Alps as well as a view of deers, wild boars, ibex, and marmots.

6. Aland Archipelago, Finland

Accessible by ferry from mainland Finland and Sweden, the Aland Archipelago boasts of having the sunniest spot in Northern Europe. Aside from its sweeping beaches, the Aland Archipelago is also a great spot for cycling. A bicycle ride at the 65-km Mail Road treats you to spectacular sites such as the 14th-century castle Kastelhoms Slott and the ruined Russian fortress Bornarsund.

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