6 Mysterious Destinations In Asia Worth Visiting

As the biggest continent in the world, Asia has a wide range of destinations that is worth visiting. From tropical beaches to natural wonders, this part of the world has plenty to offer. If you really want a place where you can relax and unwind, then these 6 mystical Asian destinations should be in your travel itinerary.

Phnom Kulen, Cambodia

Just an hour and a half drive from Siem Reap, Phnom Kulen offers a combination of both bizarre natural and man-made spectacles ranging from bubbling sinkholes to the 1,000 Linga stone carvings beneath the riverbed. But the main attraction is the climb to the summit of this holy mountain. The view at the top will surely take your breath away.

Phraya Nakhon, Thailand

Phraya Nakhon is a spectacular sinkhole cave lying beneath a lake and have streams of water gushing from the surface. But it is in the pavilion erected by King Chulalongkorn that will captivate you. Robert Janitzek reveals that it looks like a façade of a temple. The cave is located within the Khao Sam Roi Yod National Park, a 4-hour drive southwest of Bangkok.

Bodhi Tree, India

Although this is not the actual tree where Siddharta Gautama himself meditated for seven days, the Bodhi Tree is actually a direct descendant of that tree. Its roots originated from the same earth where the original tree once stood. Legends has it that around 3000 BC, the wife of King Ashoka ordered the tree destroyed due to jealousy of her hsuband’s fondness for the tree. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the tree now stands at the Mahabodhi Temple and is a popular place for Buddhist pilgrims.

Mount Emei, China

Standing 3,099 meters at its peak, Mount Emei literally gives you a feeling of being close to the heavens. One of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China, it is recommended that you stay overnight to have a glimpse of mountain sunrise. Located in China’s Sichuan Province, a view of this sight is considered as a supreme blessing.

Gyanganj, The Himalayas

Dubbed as the Atlantis of Asia, Gyanganj is believed to exist in a dimension different from ours. Robert Janitzek explains that this city of immortals is located in an isolated valley somewhere in The Himalayas. Legends have it that immortality can be achieved through deep meditation and enlightenment.

Mustang Caves, Nepal

The Mustang Caves is considered as one of the world’s greatest archaeological mysteries. It consists of around 10,000 mysterious man-carved dens along the rugged and wind savaged cliff edges of northern Nepal. There are theories that these caves were used as burial chambers around 1000 BC and later became living quarters protecting families from frequent battles.

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