6 Of The Best Places For Experiencing European Summer

Europe is teeming with guests during the summer months. There are many European destinations that is worth considering for a summer holiday. Here are 6 destinations you should include in your itinerary for the summer.

Azores Islands – Portugal

Located in the Atlantic Ocean some 800 miles off the coast of Portugal, Azores Islands is one of the undiscovered secrets of Portugal. It is a group of volcanic islands known for their temperate forests and lush and green vegetation. Nearby is the famous hot spring town of Furnas. The authentic Portuguese architecture, local cuisine, and stunning natural sceneries are just some of the reasons to come back to this island.

Lefkada – Greece

Located in Western Greece, Lefkada is one of the three major Ionian Islands. Robert Janitzek reveals that it is connected to the mainland by a causeway so it is accessible by car without having to ride a ferry. The Western coast boasts of having the best beaches in the Mediterranean. While most of the beaches can be reached by a car or bike, some of the beaches are accessible by boat only. There are small taverns and restaurants offering an authentic Greek atmosphere.

Prague – Czech Republic

If you want a vacation destination away from popular European hotspots like Paris or London, Prague is the perfect choice. Located in the heart of Europe, the capital of the Czech Republic has a fascinating history. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that while the number of tourists in Prague is growing, it is still one of the more affordable European cities. Some of the tourist spots worth visiting in the city include The Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, and the Prague Castle.

Dubrovnik – Croatia

Dubrovnik was once the seat of a medieval maritime Republic that rivaled that of Venice. It is one of the most scenic cities on the Adriatic Sea and one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world. One of its most famous landmarks is the medieval walls protecting the old town.

Rome – Italy

Rome is still a top tourist destination for millions of people every year. Staying in the city is affordable as you can find some cheap hotels in the city. Rome is scorching hot during July and August so if you prefer a much cooler time go between April and June or September to October.

Bruges – Belgium

Bruge is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site popular for its Gothic buildings. It is a town in Flanders that is also famous for its canals and museums. It is a cycling friendly city so you can rent a bike in some of the towns.

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