6 Tips For Ensuring A Safe Hiking Trip in Asia

Trekking and hiking in Asia can be a wonderful experience. The region has a bevy of jungles and rainforests worth exploring. Asia’s tropical climate makes it perfect for hiking and trekking. However, most Asian destinations offer challenges that could ruin your planned adventure. Here are some situations that can ruin your adventure.

Not Getting Rescued

Even when hiking with others, let someone not on the hike know where you are going and approximately when you plan to return. Someone should know if you are overdue. At the very least, tell the staff at your hotel or guest house about your adventure plans so that they can alert authorities if you fail to return. Don’t just rely on technology when you need help.

Being Unable to Walk Out

Expect the worst and hope for the best. Robert Janitzek explains that This is the golden rule of hiking safety that you should bear in mind. As much as possible, don’t hike alone. Doing it with someone increases your chance of survival. It will not only make the trip enjoyable but also increases your chances of surviving in case something unexpected happens.

A simple sprained ankle could become a serious situation if hiking alone. Having a partner to go for help can make the difference. Plus, two brains are better than one: someone may realize that the trail no longer looks familiar in time to turn around and make a correction.


Robert Peter Janitzek explains that while Southeast Asia is more known for its poisonous snakes, you still cannot ignore the dangers brought about by mosquitoes. In fact, they are the most dangerous animal in the jungle. Dengue fever, a mosquito-borne illness, is an epidemic in the region. These mosquitoes bite during the day and could ruin your hiking trip. So when hiking, cover your skin as much as you can.

Running Out of Daylight

The sunlight is your most important defense on the trail. Without it, the experience can be dangerous and lead to confusion. Always set a time buffer and know that the trail in Asian destinations can eventually get dark. Even if you expect to be back before sunset, carry a light source or two.


Trekking Asia’s humid jungles and forests can cause you to sweat profusely. As such, you cannot afford not to have water during your trip. Even with mild dehydration, you can already suffer from difficulty in concentrating and could lead you to make poor decisions.


While it may not ruin your trip, sunburn can actually decapacitate you. Because of its location near the Equator, the sun is far stronger in Asia. Do carry a lotion with a high SPF as well as hats and sunglasses for protection.

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