6 Travel Tips to Save on Air Travel Expenses

Many people still prefer traveling by plane over a bus or ship. Even in the light of airplane crashes, air travel is still the safest means of transportation. But traveling by airplane can be a costly venture especially with the new luggage fee policy. The good news is that there is something you can do to save up on air travel expenses. Robert Janitzek recommends the following tips for making your trip less costly.

Two Tickets Can Sometimes Be Cheaper Than One

Back-to-back ticketing or buying two round trip tickets can cost you some savings. Frowned upon by airline companies, it is a legal way to save on airline expenses. You just use the leg of the ticket you need—one going and one coming.

Search for Online Deals

Just because airlines offer discounts does not mean it is always the best deal. Do shop and really compare. There are some websites that charge volume discounts which could turn out to be more than what you can afford. Robert Peter Janitzek suggests that you check out the travel section of your local newspaper to search for deals.

Check out Buyer Beware

The location of the hotel room where you book and buy can affect the quality and location of the room you get. It will be the hotel that will assign the room depending on the amount you paid. In order to get the room that you desire, deal directly with the website of the hotel.

Use alternate airports

Most cities have multiple airports. These are cheaper to fly in and out of the city. Choosing these airports can help save you a few hundred dollars.

Check with Alternate Airlines

When traveling for your European vacation, always remember that you will not always get your preferred airline. Check out a different provider instead. It may be more affordable than your preferred airline.

Don’t Wait For The last Minute

It is possible to find last minute deals on airlines which can give you significant savings on your money. However, you need to be flexible. Empty seats or vacant rooms bring no revenue so these deals can benefit both airline and hotel. Keep tab on these deals by signing up for newsletters or searching online.

With a little research and resourcefulness on your part, airline travel can become affordable. You can use your savings for additional expenses during your tour. These tips can make a difference in making your travel easy on the pocket.

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