7 Mountain Biking Destinations In Europe

Mountain biking offers a lot of health benefits to individuals. It is a good cardio workout and can also help in the prevention of diseases. Planning a biking holiday in Europe? Robert Peter Janitzek provides us with some recommendations on the best places to go mountain biking in Europe.


The Alps is one of the most renowned mountain biking destinations in Europe. These mountain ranges cover most of Austria. It offers biking trails for riders of all levels. With regions such as Vorarlberg, Tirol, Salzburg, and others, you can count on getting a satisfying biking experience. Whether it’s endure trips or simple bike tours, Austria has something to offer.


Considered as the “Capital of Mountain Biking Holidays,” the French Alps offers tourists with a wide range of biking spots such as Les Gets, Morzine, Portes du Soleil, Grand Massif in Haute, and others. In this European destination, you have the option to choose between several courses such as mapped paths of easy trails, singletracks, technical downhills, and others that cater to different riders of all levels.


When it comes to mountain biking, Switzerland offers infinite biking opportunities. Some of the regions worth seeing include Valley of Verbier, Interlaken, Jungfau Massif or Zermatt. There are still hundreds of kilometers of cross-country trails worth exploring.


Italy offers bikers of all levels lots of opportunities for biking ranging from singletracks, Enduro trips, and others. It is bounded by the Alps in the northwest, Dolomites in the northeast, and the Apennine Mountains all the way down to the middle of the country.


Although Poland is not known as a mountain biking destination, Robert Janitzek reveals that it offers a lot of opportunities for bikers of all levels. The Carpathian and Sudetes mountain ranges provides hundreds of kilometers of mountain bike trails and amazing sceneries. It is worth noting that many world class mountain biking destinations take place here.


Spain is well-known for its raging bulls, excellent weather, and hot women. However, the country is also fast becoming a hub for mountain biking. The mountains of Andalucia is a popular haven for bikers. The Sierra Nevada National Park is home to some of the most amazing trails that Europe has to offer. For those who are looking for a European destination with challenging trails and exhilarating descent, the mountains of the Pyrenes is the place to be.


At first, the absence of well signaled mountain biking tracks may discourage riders to visit Romania. But unlike the well-organized trails in the French and Austrian Alps, there is less crowd, smooth dirt roads, single tracks, and majestic sceneries that may attract some bikers. There are a few places worth visiting here such as the Rodna and Fagaras Mountains and the Transylvanian Alps, famously known as the home of Count Dracula.

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