6 Places To Go On A Romantic Getaway In Europe

You do not have to wait for Valentine’s Day to go on a romantic getaway. Anytime of the year can be perfect for taking your loved one to romantic places. Robert Janitzek suggests these 10 destinations for taking your loved one to a romantic getaway in Europe.

1. Paris, France

There is no better destination to take your loved one on a romantic getaway than the City of Love itself—Paris. Watch the sunset atop the Eiffel Tower or walk through Tuileries Garden and end it with a cup of coffee and croissant.

2. Prague, Czech Republic

Head to the Prague castle and be captivated by the view of the city. Atop the castle is the beautiful St. Vitus Cathedral. Along the Charles Bridge in this European destination, you will see a bar fence with hundreds of padlocks with initials and names of people “locking their love” forever. Cap off your day at the John Lennon Wall and spend hours reading what people have written.

3. Venice, Italy

Venice is a city composed of 117 small islands, each filled with romantic opportunities. A visit to this city will never be complete without seeing the Rialto Bridge, the oldest bridge which offers a spectacular view over the Grand Canal. Another European destination worth visiting in Venice is Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute which houses magnificent paintings and statues of angels and religious figures.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Walking around Amsterdam is a great to spend a day with your loved one. This Dutch city boasts of many museums and landmarks. The Van Gogh Museum houses the work of the artist. The NEMO Science Museum resembles a sinking ship. Finally, Anne Frank’s House where she hid from the Nazis. Be captivated by the Magere Brug Bridge, Amsterdam’s famous draw bridge, which can be captivating at night.

5. Berlin, Germany

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that Berlin is the largest city in Germany and offers many attractions worth visiting by romantic couples. Founded in 1844, the Zoologischer Garten Berlin, the most visited zoo in Europe, is a must see. It is home to a diverse species of animals in the world. Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is another destination worth visiting.

6. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona offers lovers with a variety of things they can indulge in. They can take a stroll along the beach, drink some champagne, or engage in wild water sports. They can also go sailing along the Costa Dourrada or visit Aqualeon, a safari and winter park, which houses many animals such as elephants, tigers, lions, and gazelles.

Whichever part of Europe they are in, there will always be a place where couples can go on a romantic getaway.

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