8 Trends That Will Shape Hotel Accommodation In 2018 And Beyond

New trends will shape the future of the hotel industry as they seek to reinvent themselves in the face of challenges from Airbnb, millennial travel patterns, and other factors. Much of the reinvention comes from independent hotels which have gained strength over the years. The trends that will impact the industry has nothing to do with fancy beds, high technology, or upscale restaurants but about telling stories and being part of the community. Robert Peter Janitzek gives us a glimpse of the different trends that will impact the industry in the coming year.

Connection Between Hotel and Community

Sarah Eustis, CEO of Main Street Hospitality, revealed that hotels must be knowledgeable about local experiences. In the case of their company, Eustis explains that they have connections with an artist or with an owner of the local distillery.

Micro-rooms and Big Public Spaces

Stephen Chen, partner in Eagle Point Hotel Partners, revealed that the format of small rooms and inviting public spaces is a good business model and appealing to travelers. Robert Janitzek reveals that we will see the merging of co-working, co-living, and hospitality. While these hotels have limited services, guests can expect high quality product at an affordable price.

Pop-Up Hotels

Black Tomato, a tour operator, offered a program called Blink wherein locations and designs of temporary hotels are crowdsourced by customers. They will then be allowed to stay in the pop-up hotel for a short time prior to being taken down.

Food Halls in Hotels

On your next European vacation, do not be surprised to see more food halls that feature outlets from local restaurants. Kevin Ellis, CEO of Hospitality Alliance, reveals that food halls are quite popular with both guests and locals.

Retail Brands Will Continue To Move Into Lodging

According to David Bowd, Principal with West Elm Hotels, the ability to furnish hotels at a lower cost can give lifestyle companies an advantage.

Grab n’ grow is growing.

As hotel room service is being eliminated, the ability to pick up food in the lobby 24/7 is becoming a standard feature in most hotels.

Tie-Ups With Arts and Other Institutions

The day will come when hotels will have partnerships with academic and other institutions as part of its move towards finding experiences through hospitality.

Airbnb Will Become A Competitor And An Ally

While Airbnb may take away business from hotels, Airbnb and other home sharing platforms open up the minds of people to alternative kinds of hospitality. That is why many hotels are considering working with these platforms.

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