9 European Birdwatching Destinations

Birdwatching provides opportunities for people to appreciate the wonders of nature. Wherever you are in Europe, there is birdlife to explore. Here are 9 European destinations to go birdwatching.

Orkney Islands, Scotland

Orkney Islands is a fertile archipelago in Scotland and is home to a number of bird species. Treat your eyes to bird varieties which include guillemot, razorbill, kittiwake, and others.

Camargue, France

Located in the vast Rhone delta, this 21,000 acre national park is home to several species of birds. It is teeming with shorebirds, herons, and gulls. Camargue also serves as breeding ground for the Greater Flamingo and a resting area for migrating birds.

Faroe Islands, Denmark

Faroe Islands lies halfway between Iceland and Norway. Composed of 18 islands, it is home to bird species like puffins, guillemots, great skuas, and oystercatchers. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that there is fishing village worth visiting if you are done with birdwatching.

Yell, Shetland Isles

This remote and barely habited island is the perfect destination to go birdwatching. During the summer, you can often see nesting seabirds on the cliffs and waders on the moorlands. The 4,000 acre stretch of moorland is often visited by curlews, whimbrels, plovers, to name just a few.


Despite its high latitude and glaciers, Iceland is also home to a wide variety of birds. You can often see seabird colonies such as puffins, guillemot, and razorbills in the cliffs. According to Robert Janitzek, there is also a huge population of waterfowls as well as arctic species of birds.


Head to Bulgaria during the spring and be treated to different varieties of birds nesting in the area. During the autumn, you might be able to catch a glimpse of Asian birds passing here. However, the biggest concentration of birds here is in the Rhodope Mountains.

Pembrokeshire, Wales

Sparsely populated and almost surrounded by the ocean, Pembrokeshire has several island bird sanctuaries. It has a bevy of sea cliffs, moorland, pastures, and ancient woods to explore. The island is home to puffins, razorbills, guillemots, and other seabirds.


With its group of islands, mountains, and rugged coastline, Greece is the perfect European destination to go birdwatching. There are 196 important bird areas here such as freshwater lakes, coastal lagoons, and the more than 2000 islands that serve as nesting grounds for seabirds and Eleonora’s Falcons.

Pyrenees, France

This is without a doubt one of Europe’s greatest birding destinations. Pyrenees are brooding mountains that form a towering wall between France and Spain. Be amazed by a variety of birds such as wallcreepers, short-toed eagles, the European honey-buzzard, and others.

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