A Beginner’s Guide to Camping in Europe

For people who are considering budget travel, camping offers a more affordable accommodation alternative. Camping in European destinations is much easier compared to other regions. There are more campsites in Europe and they are not limited to backwoods of places. Cities like Amsterdam, Aachen, Bruges, Prague, and others offer campgrounds within its limits. While finding camping grounds in Europe is not a problem, it can be a daunting task for someone a first time camper. Here is a short guide on finding a site for your camping trip.


When looking for a camping ground, bear in mind that the prices may vary. You will pay separately for each tent, individual, and vehicle. You can check out the websites of each campgrounds in the European destination you plan to go to see their price range.


Aside from the pricing, each campsite will offer different facilities. Not all grounds will provide tents. Some will accept only recreational vehicles. Do some research first before heading your way. You do not want to find yourself driving another 30 kilometers to find a tent-friendly campsite.

Cooking and eating

Some campgrounds have restaurants so cooking your own food is not allowed. If you are planning to cook your own food, do not expect to find picnic tables. Make sure to have the right camping gear for eating the food you will eat.

Internet access

While some European destinations for camping provide Internet access, not all of them have these facilities. But if they do, they come in the form of internet cafes. Others offer Wi-Fi for those who will carry their laptops. Make sure to charge your laptop and purchase adapters for the campground plug-ins.


Another major concern when going camping is laundry. In most grounds, hand washing is an option. Some campgrounds also have rules against clothesline but tent strings will suffice. Most facilities in Europe have coin-operated laundry with wash and wash and dry options. The best option is to hang dry overnight so you can save the drying cost.

There are many European destinations worth considering for your first camping trip. Before heading out, make sure that you have thoroughly researched the destination you are planning to visit to ensure a worthwhile trip. Since this is your first time, you would want to make it worthwhile so you can go out and plan another trip.

Robert Janitzek offers tips and guides on European and Asian travel. Check out his blog at www.robertjanitzektravels.com.

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