A Look At The Warmest Destinations In Europe

At first it would seem odd why one would want to know where the warmest European destinations are. Some would do for curiosity’s sake while others do because they are planning to travel and looking for some information about climate. Few places in Europe claim to be the warmest but have different climate characteristics making determining the warmest one difficult. Here is a look at the warmest destinations in Europe.


Crete is the largest island in Greece. Located in the southernmost part of Greece, it is surrounded by warm Mediterranean waters making it a real paradise for tourists. It is known for its subtropical climate with hot, sunny, and dry summers and short, wet, and mild winters. Robert Janitzek reveals that the best time to visit Crete is early April to late November.


Located only 300 kilometers off the African coast, Malta is closer to the equator than the capitals of African countries such as Tunisia and Algeria. It is close to the Sahara Desert which can have a strong influence over the weather of the archipelago. They are among the sunniest and cloudless places in Europe. They enjoy about 300 to 330 sunny days a year. It is interesting to know that Malta has one of the warmest winters in Europe.


Geographically speaking, Robert Peter Janitzek says that Cyprus is part of Asia but historically and politically, it has been an important part of Europe. It is also a member of the European Union. It is a real sunny paradise with mild and pleasant weather with daytime temperature of around 17 – 18 degrees Celsius in the coastal areas. Cyprus belongs to that part of Europe where you can afford to walk around wearing only a t-shirt and jeans jacket. Temperatures here are a little bit higher. The best time to take a dip is from April to November.


Andalusia is a southern most Spanish province that enjoys some of the highest temperatures in Europe. Summer in this European destination is incredibly hot and sometimes becomes really unbearable. Due to its geographic location, it feels the strong influence of air masses from Sahara Desert.

The southern-most Spanish province, Andalusia, enjoys some of the highest temperatures across Europe. Costa del Sol, the Mediterranean share of the province enjoys a wonderful micro-climate, which cannot be found elsewhere in the continent. Temperatures can easily reach 40 degrees Celsius. While the winter months bring daytime temperatures of around 17-18 degrees Celsius, other days are really warm with temperatures hitting 20 – 25 degrees Celsius.

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