All You Need To Know About the Trams of Amsterdam

A visit to Amsterdam will never be complete without experiencing traveling on a tram. This is the perfect means of traveling in big cities. The tram is not only affordable but quick as well. Another advantage of traveling on a tram is that it gives you an opportunity to do some sightseeing as well. In this article, Robert Janitzek gives us an overview of this means of transportation in Amsterdam.

The World’s Best Rides

With 16 tram lines, Amsterdam has the most number of trams in Holland. Rotterdam, Utrecht, and the Hague also offer excellent tram connections. Operating hours are from 6 am until midnight. Make sure to check the schedules at the tram stops for the exact times. In order to travel by tram, you will need to have a valid ticket. There are two types of tickets- a single ticket or an anonymous OV chipkaart.

Amsterdam tram routes and tickets

The tram is one of the most popular public transport in Amsterdam. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that most of the trams start and end at the Amsterdam Central Station. There are two stations in front of the Central Station—one on the west and another on the east. Most trams traverse the city center towards the different neighborhoods and districts.

Tram Line 2 has been doing its permanent route of Amsterdam for over 100 years. National Geographic has hailed this tram ride as one of the best in the world. People who go to work or school or visit family and friends usually take this line.

In order to travel by tram in Amsterdam, most locals use the public transport chip card called OV-Chipkaart. There are one-hour tickets that can be purchased aboard most of the trams. A ticket attendant is stationed in a booth towards the rear of most trams. The driver at the front can also assist you in purchasing this ticket. There are also 24- and 48-hour tickets. However, this is only valid for GVB services, which includes buses and metro. There are other types of tickets that can be purchased at GVB Tickets & Info offices or in vending machines.

One type of ticket offered by GVB is the I amsterdam City Card which offers unlimited access to public transport in the cities where GVB operates. The ‘Get out of Town’ tickets can be combined with an Amsterdam & Region Day ticket.

So when you find yourself traveling to Amsterdam, make sure that you ride the tram to make your trip worthwhile.

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