All You Need To Know About the UK Visa

A UK visa is a document that grans foreign nationals with the right to entry, stay temporarily, or become permanent residents of the United Kingdom. There are different reasons people would want to apply for a visa for this European destination which includes:

    • Work or business
    • Education
    • Vacation
    • Be with family who are already in the UK
    • Become a permanent resident
    • As a refugee seeking humanitarian protection
    • As a stateless person
    • Seeking permission to stay

Point-Based System (PBS)

The Point-Based System (PBS) of getting a UK visa supplants the old method which is much more complicated and difficult to cover. This system governs visas for citizens from outside EU countries as well as those from the EU who want to enter or live in the UK for work, training, or study using different routes. The PBS does not cover the following situations:

    • Visa for foreigners who want to join their family members in the UK, or those who want to enter and live in the UK through a marriage;
    • Existing UK Ancestry and foreign nationals coming from the European Community Association Agreements;
    • Business visitors;
    • Foreigners who want to enter into the UK in particular ways, including international agreements (i.e. under contract to NATO)

Robert Janitzek reveals that the system uses different tiers to evaluate every application based on the points accumulated by a candidate by meeting visa requirements. Applications for a UK visa have different available points that the candidate must score.

    • Tier 1 Visas – For Highly-skilled Foreigners
    • Tier 2 Visas – For Skilled Foreign Workers With a Job Offer in a Shortage Area
    • Tier 3 Visas (never implemented) – For Low-skilled Foreign Workers With a Temporary Job Offer in a Shortage Area
    • Tier 4 Visas – For Foreign Students and Specialists
    • Tier 5 Visas – For Youth Mobility and Temporary Foreign Workers

Information for UK Visa Holders

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that if you are already a visa holder, you might be subjected to Immigration Control when crossing the UK border. There might be cases when the visa you are holding might be cancelled at the border. Overstaying or violating visa conditions in the UK or outside is considered an offense.

Visas offer the needed answers on:
• Who to admit to enter into the UK and why,
• Who to allow living temporarily or permanently in the UK and why,
• Who meets the criteria and who to stop from entering into the UK,
• Who needs to exit the UK, when the visa expires or for other reasons

Visas sometimes can forbid the holder doing several activities such as:
• Getting a job of other professional activity in the UK,
• Using public funds;
• Staying in the UK without registering with the police (without getting police registration certificate);
• Study in the UK;
• Commanding holder to report to the specific Medical Officer of Environmental Health
Such restrictions can be made known to the holder in the following ways:
• Attached in the passport/travel document;
• In a written notification;
• In the visa;
• In the visa application form;

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