Benefits of Using Airbnb For Your Travel Accommodations

With hotel accommodations carrying a heavy price tag nowadays, travelers are now looking for a cheaper but equally convenient place to stay. Thanks to AirBnB, people now have an alternative to the costly hotels when looking for accommodation. This travel booking platform has revolutionized and improved the guest experience giving mainstream hotels a run for their money. Here are some reasons why AirBnB is unique and how it has shaped the travel industry.

Tax Collection

In Europe, many municipalities require the payment of city taxes from hotels. This fee is collected and added to the cost of hotel accommodations, regardless of whether they are business or as a tourist. The fee will vary from one city to another as well as the star rating of the hotel. While these taxes are fairly unpopular to travelers, they are used for funding infrastructure and cultural events. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that these are collected in cash upon check-in or check-out.

To remedy the situation, AirBnB has made a deal with local governments to collect city taxes on behalf of their hosts. This is great for hosts since they do not have to physically collect the taxes daily from their guests and remit it to the municipality.

Transparent Security Deposits

Aside from tax, hotels also charge their guests with a refundable security deposit upon check-in. This fee is designed to cover things like breakages and incidentals such as room service and purchases from minibar. Since there are no rule on the amount that should be charged, Robert Janitzek explains that the amount of security deposit will be up to the hotel.

In the case of AirBnB, you are immediately made aware of the cost of the room, the deposit and cleaning fee, and cost for additional head before you make a booking. Most properties on the platform do not ask for deposit due to the insurance they are getting as a host.

More Locations

Depending on where you are going, it may be hard to find hotel accommodation near your destination. On the other hand, AirBnB gives you more choices to stay on. You can be as precise as you want because you are staying in someone’s house. Hotels tend to be clustered around city centers and transportation hubs.

Getting Rid of Bad Hosts

Some hotels may offer crappy service such as windows not opening, poor housekeeping, or bed bugs. With AirBnB, you can look forward to excellent service. They see to it that their hosts meet a minimum standard. They also allow visitor feedback and hosts that accrue negative reviews will be booted from the platform.

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