Do’s & Don’ts of Airline Travel

Traveling abroad can always be daunting regardless of the number of times you have traveled. Different countries have different rules when it comes to airport travel. Keep these rules in mind to avoid any hassle during your European vacation.


Leave The Liquid

In some international flights, there is a 100ml limit for liquids in your hand luggage. This includes lip balm, hand cream, and other beauty products. The limit is applicable to the size of the container so you cannot take a small amount of liquid in a larger container. Any liquid or gel needs to be sealed in a small zip lock bag. This is available in some airports but it is best to have your own just in case.

Know Your Customs Limits

Different airports have different customs regulations so it pays to know them before you go. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that some airports are strict when it comes to what items they allow. For instance, food items, natural fibers, and other things, may be limited depending on their rules.

Know What To Declare

Even if bringing certain items to your country of destination is allowed, you may be required to declare them. If you are not sure, just declare them or face hefty fines.

Check Carry On Size

The size of your carry-on luggage may vary depending on the airline company. Some have limits but allow you to carry a handbag or laptop bag as add-on. Robert Janitzek recommends that you check the regulations on the airline website before your trip.


Be Rude To Customs or Immigration

If you do not want your medicine or equipment to go through the x-ray, ask the Customs staff nicely. If you are running late and rude, it is unlikely that the staff will speed up the process to help you out.

Be Alarmed If You Beep

When walking through the x-ray machine, many factors could have triggered the alarm to sound. Shoes with metal sole, belt buckles, spare change, or mobile phone can activate the alarm. If you had hip or knee replacement, have a pacemaker, or artificial limb, it could also trigger the alarm. Carry a medical record to avoid inconvenience.

Be Impatient

Checking in, going through security checks, boarding the plane, and waiting to disembark on the other end can cause one to lose their patience. But remember everyone is doing the same thing so relax. You will get there and go about with your trip.

Leave Your Luggage Attended

Asking someone to watch your luggage is a no-no. This can be a huge security risk. If you also watch someone else’s baggage for them, you could be in serious trouble.

Remember these do’s and don’ts and you can look forward to a hassle-free and enjoyable trip.

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