Go On A Romantic Getaway In These European Destinations

When it comes to wooing the man or woman you love, the first thing that comes to mind is giving them chocolates and roses. Why not ditch the plan and go on a romantic getaway to an exotic island or beach instead. Europe offers lovers with several locations where they can spend time with each other and perhaps take their relationship to the next level. Here are 5 European destinations where lovers can go on a romantic getaway.

Venice, Italy

Nothing can be more romantic than a gondola ride on the canals of Venice. You and your partner can experience the leisurely pace, historic architecture, and picturesque horizons that the city has to offer.

Paris, France

Where is the best place to spend a romantic getaway with your partner? Where else but in the City of Love itself? From the tranquil Seine River to the iconic Eiffel Tower, there is nothing that can top the romance that Paris has to offer. Sample the caffe-au-lait and freshly-baked croissants at a charming side street café. Robert Janitzek reveals that the Louvre is where you can find the most romantic art ever. And don’t feel awkward with public display of affection as it is normal in Paris.

London, England

Take a picture with your loved one in one of the world’s most beloved monasteries. Watch a show or musical in London’s bustling theater district or music. A trip to London will never be complete without visiting the city’s epic museums and historic highlights. Go on a stroll along Hyde Park and Notting Hill. Cap off your day with a romantic cruise down River Thames to Greenwich.

Vienna, Austria

According to Robert Peter Janitzek, Vienna is one of the most popular romantic destinations and there is a reason for this. A trip to this city during spring and summer provides you to experience streets that are lined up with fragrant flowers and the Danube River sparkles as boats sail past. Ride horse drawn carriages or walk along the river and grape-bearing vineyards to complete your trip.

Budapest, Hungary

Known as “The Paris of the East,” Budapest is divided by a major river running through the heart of the town. As one of Europe’s most captivating regions, the city offers lovers with plenty of romantic options such as a cruise along the Danube River.

Prague, Czech Republic

This European destination is not one of the many places where you would go on a romantic getaway. But Prague has a captivating history and beauty that make it an appealing destination for couples. The Prague Castle, Maria Theresa’s Schonbrunn Palace, and St. Vitus Cathedral are just some of the attractions worth visiting in this city.

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