How To Go On A Budget Travel in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a great place to travel in. With 11 countries and thousands of islands, deciding on where to go can be difficult. But traveling can be quite expensive when you consider the airfare and the hotel accommodations. But not having enough budget do not have to stop you from traveling to Southeast Asia. Here are some tips you can go about with budget travel.

Grab A Friend or Two

When traveling to another country, thug along a friend or two to your trip. You can split the airfare or hotel accommodation. It is more fun going to tourist attractions with a friend. You can eat more and experience more things.

Go During The Off Season

If you don’t mind a little rain,the best time to go is during the off season. At this time of the year, hotel rates are lower and there will not be many tourists in the popular attractions.

Eat At A Local Restaurant

Instead of eating at some fancy restaurant or internationally franchised food, Robert Janitzek recommends eating a local eatery or street vendors instead. You will be amazed at how much savings you can get by doing so. In Bangkok, for example, there are delicacies sold by sidewalk vendors that can definitely fill your stomach.

Take Local Transportation

When it comes to getting around the place where we are going, the preferred mode of public transport is still the taxi. Unfortunately, this option can cost you a lot because Southeast Asian countries are known for having the worst traffic. To save on cash, you can try local transportation. For example, take the train instead of a taxi.

Book Your Flights Early

Robert Peter Janitzek recommends booking your trip in advance to save precious bucks. You can use the money you will save later on during your trip. If you need to book a year in advance, it is fine but two months before your planned trip is enough.

Use Alternative Accommodation

One of the things you need to think about when traveling is your accommodation. When traveling on a budget, it is best to skip the hotels and look for an alternative accommodation such as hostels or home stays. You can check out platforms such as Airbnb when looking for a place to stay.

Ditch The Souvenir Shop, Go For The Supermarket

Traveling to an Asian destination will not be complete without buying souvenirs. However, instead of buying in a souvenir shop, buy local treats at the supermarket. The markup in the shops will be twice or thrice the grocery stores.

Take these tips into consideration and you can look forward to saving money on your next tour.

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