How To Make Traveling with Kids To Europe Stress Free

For most people, the thought of traveling with kids can be stressful already. With the flight to your European destination alone, changes in time, and any potential delays already a cause of worry, having to look out for your kids can add to that burden. The truth of the matter is that it should not be something to fear about. This article will guide you on how to make traveling with kids something to look forward to than be feared about.

Travel A Minimum of 10 Days

If you can find a way to spend 10 to 14 days for your trip, then do so. You will be traveling 7 to 12 hours on the airplane. This is a lot of time for kids. Robert Janitzek reveals that your first few days will be spent for adjusting to the location and the weather. Create a schedule that will give everyone an opportunity to enjoy once they have settled in the new place and routine.

Keep Itineraries Simple

When traveling with kids, make your itinerary as simple as you can with a few accommodations changes as possible. Young kids need so much stuff when they travel so don’t add to your burden by repacking and moving all the time.

Select Accommodations Wisely

When it comes to the accommodation, do a little bit of research. According to Robert Peter Janitzek, most of the hotel rooms in European cities are small so you may need a suite or connecting room which could add to your expense. If you are bringing a toddler, you can ask the hotel if their rooms are big enough for a crib. As for the kitchen, you can consider staying in an aparthotel, that is a hotel with apartment amenities, a great option when traveling with kids.

Keep Structured Activities to a Minimum

Babies and toddlers need to take a nap and an aggressive sightseeing schedule may not work. An excellent alternative is to simply hang out in a park, square, or village and enjoy the magnificent setting.

Create a Dinner Plan

Europeans eat later than Americans. While most dinners in European destinations start at 7:30 pm or later, it will still boil down to your preferences. You can eat local time or follow your own schedule.

Buy Supplies in Europe

When traveling with kids, the amount of things they need to carry can be overwhelming. To free yourself from having to pay excessive luggage fees, consider buying most of the stuff overseas. You can buy baby items like pacifiers, baby food, or body care from European pharmacies. They can be found everywhere such as in local villages or big cities.

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