How To Make Your Amsterdam Bus Ride A Worthwhile Experience

For most of us, riding a bus is one of the simplest tasks. However, using a bus in a city like Amsterdam can be tricky. You need to know how to ride a bus like a pro and make your riding experience worthwhile. Robert Janitzek gives us these helpful tips when riding a bus in Amsterdam.

Enter in the front

While trams in Amsterdam have entrances in both the front and the middle where travelers can buy tickets on board, in buses you only enter at the front. Entering elsewhere may lead to a bumpy run-in with people getting off the bus. You do not want to be embarrassed once the driver calls you out and announces over the speakers that you messed up.

Bring €2.80 by day, €4.50 by night.

The cost of a ticket during the day for a one-hour trip is €2.80 for a one-hour trip. Robert Peter Janitzek says that this is inclusive of any transfer that you might need to make on another bus, tram, or metro. The ticket will no longer be valid after an hour so you need to buy a new one. If you will be frequently traveling on public transport, it is best to purchase a one-day, two-day, or one week travel card.

Check in, check out.

Similar to trams, you will need an OV-Chipkaart pad in order to enter and exit public transportation. Place your card against one of the grey electronic pads until it beeps, flashes a green light, and wishes you a “Goed Reis.” Do the same when exiting the bus before stepping off to your European vacation.

Avoid The Special Seats

All buses have seats reserved for the persons with disability, elderly, or pregnant woman. They are always located in the front of the bus and are indicated by a specially designed fabric. If you do not fall into this group and happens to take one of these seats, do give it up when a passenger from that category enters.

Exit in the middle or in the rear.

Never exit the front door because you will impede those who want to board the bus. The exit point is through the middle or back door.

The bus is the recommended transportation method when going under the Ij Eiver to Amsterdam Noord. Bus 22 is the most popular when traveling from East to West through the city center, where most people will be waiting for a night bus ride home after an evening out.

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